Supporting Diversity and Inclusion of All Abilities

We believe that all people should have equal opportunity to live a healthy and full life, regardless of ability.

Over the years we’ve supported many organizations that transform the lives of millions of people with a range of special needs including the Muscular Dystrophy Association, Easter Seals, Special Olympics, and a range of community-based employment and job coaching organizations focused on serving people with disabilities. We fund organizations that:

  • Provide access for children to ability-specific camps
  • Help individuals receive specialty services
  • Give people employment training and help to gain employment
  • Provide people with care and treatment

We continue to fund organizations that assist our neighbors to live healthier lives and reach their full potential, regardless of ability.

Local Stories

Jewel - Carolines Cart

Store Raises Funds for Cart for People with Special Needs

It was a customer inquiry about a handicapped specialty cart that prompted Store Director Bill Domerchie to reach out to Grayslake #3464 associates. They in turn held several fundraisers and this month “Caroline’s Cart” arrived for customer use. “I could not be more proud of my store team for taking on this need and making it happen,” said Domerchie.   Domerchie is pictured with 11 year old Isabella, who is benefitting from the cart.

Where We Give

We focus on giving locally to help strengthen neighborhoods and change lives.